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Food & Beverage

Centrifugal Compressors for the Food & Beverage Industry

Industry Requirements

Striking a balance between complying with food safety codes and providing a safe product to the consumer, all while reducing costs and improving efficiencies.

Prevention is critical. Food safety laws, such as the GFSI schemes and the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act, are taking the proactive position of preventing illness and recalls rather than reacting to them afterward. However, the laws are not specific regarding compressed air quality requirements.

Manufacturers must establish their own risk management programs, and determine satisfactory contamination levels for the three contaminants: particles, water, and oil, for both direct and indirect contact points of risk.

Industry Solution

Centrifugal compressors offer ISO 8573-1 Class 0 oil-free air, at the highest efficiency with the lowest maintenance requirements and cost of ownership.

Cameron centrifugal compressors allow you to eliminate the risk of oil contamination and deliver ISO 8573-1 Class 0, oil-free air to power your operations. Other compressed air technologies such as rotary screw compressors add oil to the compression process. With an oil-free centrifugal compressor, the air, and oil is completely isolated from each other, avoiding potential contamination risks.

Designed for facilities that require a low maintenance solution, centrifugal compressors empower operators to reduce preventative maintenance schedules and lower system operating costs. Visit our AirCompare℠ energy and maintenance calculator to discover potential savings hidden in your compressed air system..