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Medical & Pharmaceutical

Centrifugal Compressors for the Medical & Pharmaceutical Industries

Industry Requirements

Quality in medical and pharmaceutical products means minimizing risk across all areas of product manufacturing.

In medical and pharmaceutical applications, cleanliness is a critical factor in quality and performance of the products. The product or manufacturing process will often dictate the risk tolerance for any trace contaminates such as oil or moisture. It is key to be able to minimize that risk to the general population. Because of the critical nature of these risk factors, every touchpoint of the manufacturing process must be reviewed, including the risk from compressed air.

Industry Solution

Reliable, oil-free air allows medical facilities and pharmaceutical manufacturers to reduce product risk.

Medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers select Cameron Polaris+ compressors for delivering ISO 8573-1 Class 0, oil-free air to their processes, virtually eliminating any chance of residual trace oil contamination in the compressed air stream. The robust design means medical and pharmaceutical facilities can count on uninterrupted, reliable compressed air supported globally by local service support.

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