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Textile Manufacturing

Centrifugal Compressors for the Textile Industry

Industry Requirements

Textile manufacturers require quality, steady airflow to meet increasing demand.

Millions of miles of fabric are produced every year using compressed air driven spinning machines and air jet looms. Ensuring a quality stream of compressed air is essential in minimizing fabric staining and production loss. With increasing demand, textile manufacturers must select an efficient and cost-effective solution that provides a quick return on investment.  

Industry Solution

ISO 8573-1, 100% oil-free air allows textile manufacturers to maintain high-quality standards.

In many applications, such as yarn texturizing or textile weaving high volumes of compressed air comes in direct contact with the manufactured fabrics. To help maintain high-quality standards, Cameron compressors provide ISO 8573-1 Class 0 oil-free air and show minimal variation at extreme flow demands. Every Cameron compressor comes with the support of our global services team, allowing textile manufacturers to focus on meeting consumer demand, not maintenance and downtime.

Explore compressed air solutions for the textile industry.