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Centrifugal Compressors for the Petrochemical Industry

Industry Requirements

Petrochemical producers are tasked with meeting increasing demands while maintaining safe operating conditions in an extremely hazardous environment.

The demand for petrochemical products is increasing. To stay competitive in the marketplace, petrochemical producers must maximize productivity while minimizing their operating costs. Hazardous site conditions require unique equipment customizations to ensure employee and facility safety. In many cases, compressors operating in petrochemical plants must meet API 672 and Class 1, Division 2.

Industry Solution

Meeting the most demanding specifications, while staying within budget keeps Cameron as the vendor of choice at petrochemical plants.

Range of centrifugal compressors provides an efficient package that delivers unparalleled reliability to the petrochemical industry, increasing profitability, and reducing costs, space, and pollution. Our solutions are designed according to API 672 and can be tailored to meet complex customer specifications while meeting budgetary margins. Our global network of service engineers and round-the-clock parts support ensures you have what you need no matter where you are, or what time it is.

Explore compressed air solutions for the petrochemical industry.