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Air Separation Units (ASU)

Centrifugal Compressors for Air Separation Units

Industry Requirements

While air may be free, the air separation process is not. Producing industrial gases requires a great deal of energy, making the need for an efficient compressed air system critical to plant success.

To produce industrial gases such as purified nitrogen or oxygen, atmospheric air is compressed, cooled, and separated in a distillation column or cold box. Once cryogenic separation is complete, the gases are used in other processes or compressed for storage and/or transportation.

The gases produced during this process can be used in a variety of areas including the production of chemicals and petrochemicals, liquefaction of natural gas (LNG), clean dry air for electronics manufacturing, production of synthetic liquid fuel from coal (CTL) or natural gas (GTL), integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) power plants or liquefaction of nitrogen for distribution. As a key component of the separation process, compressed air systems at air separation plants must be reliable and energy efficient to maintain low operating costs.

Industry Solution

The flexibility of Cameron air compressors makes them ideal for serving various roles in an air separation plant including main air compressors (MAC), booster air compressors (BAC), nitrogen gas compressors (GAN), nitrogen recycle compressors (NRC), and clean compressed dry air compressors (CDA).

Additionally, Cameron has the capability to provide multiple process combinations, such as MAC/BAC, MAC/BNC, and MAC/GAN. By offering superior operating life cycle costs, Cameron compressors allow customers to quickly gain their return on investment.

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