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Power Generation

Centrifugal Compressors for the Power Generation Industry

Industry Requirements

In the power generation industry, a reliable and clean compressed air supply is essential to meeting the growing energy demand.

The global need for reliable energy continues to increase, challenging the power generation industry to avoid costly downtime. Keeping a power plant online is critical to delivering the electricity the world demands. Since air compressors serve as a key component in power generation, a worry-free solution is mandatory.

Industry Solution

Reliable and virtually maintenance-free design allows Cameron centrifugal compressor owners to keep their plants delivering value..

Polaris+ air compressors are designed to provide reliable, oil-free air that provides power plants with the peace of mind of a consistent air supply. When routine care is performed, the maintenance-friendly design allows the work to be done quickly on site, minimizing downtime and ensuring a plant has the compressed air it requires to continue delivering the energy the world relies on.

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