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Centrifugal Compressors for the Glass Industry

Industry Requirements

Glass manufacturers demand reliability to meet the constant uptime of the furnaces and forming machines.

Glass manufacturers invest heavily in their furnaces, which need to remain operational 24/7. Forming machines are required to operate at the same pace to accommodate the furnaces. Due to the constant factory demand, any equipment failure including air compressors results in extremely high costs to the organization. It is for these reasons, reliable and efficient compressed air is critical to the operation of any glass manufacturing facility.

Industry Solution

Designed for continuous operation, Polaris+ air compressors provide significant cost savings to glass manufacturers.

Cameron offers glass manufacturers the Polaris+ line of air compressors, which are designed for reliable, continuous, operation in the most punishing environments. The Polaris+ comes with a state-of-the-art control system offered by the Regulus line of control panels. Regulus control panels optimize the efficiency of the Polaris+ compressor, allowing glass manufacturers to keep a steady, reliable air supply in their production facilities while consuming the minimal amount of energy and avoiding costly equipment failures.

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